• The interior combines soft gray polished concrete floors with a refined mahogany front door and a rustic granite wall.

  • The granite and colored concrete fireplace pick up on the colors of the other materials. The mantel creates a corner reading area.

  • Select hickory floors, dark maple cabinets, exposed steel beams, and beetle-kill pine ceilings provide a contrast of rustic texture and refined detail.

  • The master bathroom is another medley of refined tile and glass and rustic wood floors.

  • The kitchen and living spaces take in majestic views of Sunshine Canyon and the Continental Divide.

  • This stair combines an agricultural industrial feel with minimal modernism. Open treads let in light from windows above.

  • Telescoping sliding doors open the corner of the living room to the terrace outside.

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Modern Barn

This homestead for a mountain top mini-farm is a modern barn surrounded by stone out-buildings. The structure is exposed natural steel with a (secret) finish that will not rust. On the exterior, weathered materials contrast with steel details, such as eyebrows provide shade from the summer sun. The natural reclaimed wood exterior has been coated with an invisible fireproofing.

On the interior, the stone creates a ruggedly modern fireplace and soft gray concrete floors contrast nicely with the dark wood and steel tones. A ceiling of beetle-kill pine between exposed beams and a steel stair with select hickory floors complete the effect. The fireplace has a built-in seat next to the hearth and bookshelves for reading. Interior and exterior spaces have been positioned to take maximum advantage of sunlight and views.

  • Date February 8, 2020
  • Tags Interiors