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    The existing sandstone base remains to anchor the modern redo of the main level above.

  • The view from the kitchen window was carefully calculated to take best advantage of the setting.

  • View from the dining room.

  • View into the living room.

  • View of the fireplace separating the living room.

  • The main bath.

  • The main bedroom. Mountain views and privacy, too.

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    View of the mudroom entry and deck.

  • Close up of the trellis and deck with doors open into the dining room.

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    The street view in snow.

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    The entry in summer.

  • A detail showing the syncopated pattern of siding.

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1940’s Update

This is more of a new home than a remodel because only the stone lower level and main level floor framing remains from the original home, built in the 1940s. This update creates an open plan with lots of natural daylight. It opens the space to views of the flatiron rock formations to the south and backyard to the east. A steel shade trellis allows views of the sky while blocking the summer sun over a new deck. This provides a shady spot for lounging and entertaining for the other three seasons.

  • Date July 27, 2021
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