About Us

Reasons to Hire Us:

People enjoy working with us, whether our clients or the people building our designs, because we strive to be considerate and to support a harmonious working team.

We solve the big problems first and have an efficient design process. Bigger is not always better and smartly designed spaces can serve multiple functions without sacrificing quality and beauty. We’re also good at solving the complex riddles of working within existing structures or on difficult sites.

We passionately avoid what is merely trendy. We seldom use the same idea more than once. What matters to us is to find something appropriately unique to fit each client and each site.

Our process isn’t about a formula, it’s about really giving you what you want and need. We give our clients detailed proposals, provide optional levels of service, lay out what to expect, and provide full tracking of the costs.

We’re set up to take each project through interior design, lighting design, landscape integration, and construction so everything is thought through and works well together.

In 2001, we invented new cost control tools that are unique in our industry. We now have a detailed analysis of over 50 projects and 100 bids. We have refined formulas to estimate construction costs before we even begin design. These room-by-room or part-by-part estimates are now usually accurate to within 10% of final costs. We have often saved clients the entire amount of our fees or more, but sacrificing quality cannot be the method. That would sacrifice long term value.

Sustainability is a part of our DNA. Not in the preachy way, but in the practical ways we go about balancing priorities in our projects. Arcadea’s principal has been studying environmentally-friendly building systems since before that was cool. We go beyond the hype to help you make solid decisions that will bring the best return on your investment with durability, energy efficiency, and wise use of resources.

Universal principles of proportion underlie aesthetics, such as when the part relates to the whole. However, these relationships are best discovered intuitively. 3D simulations aid this process and stimulate the imaginative part of the brain. We strive to make the best use of these assets, whether within the studio or in communicating with clients.


We translate an idea or story that expresses what is most important to you into something beautiful, highly functional, and cost-efficient. After listening carefully, we synthesize the practical and the artistic into a unified composition.

Founded in 1995, our work has been televised and published nationally numerous times, and we have won some awards, but what matters most is what you like.

Our philosophy:

We have a passion for design excellence and clear concepts. Our greatest pleasure is in creating places that resonate perfectly with you.

Our work tends toward simple, natural, appropriate design responses that relate to their context in interesting ways. We love subtle gestures that make something freshly different, but not too far removed from the familiar forms we can all relate to. We believe simpler solutions wear better over time.

We are totally in love with the simple, iconic forms of farms and mines that dot the Colorado landscape. These provide much of our local charm and make great sources for inspiration.

We’re also interested in the interplay of old and new. We have studied historic architecture and often apply classical principles of order to contemporary design.

We are interested in all things that give the best long-term return on investment, whether financial or more intrinsic values. Good design is always a good investment and the effect of a beautiful space on one’s quality of life is often underestimated.