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    The exterior is designed to feature flags of all African countries as a cornice motif on a raised parapet wall.

  • The main level plan featuring shops, a food court, and cultural exhibits.

  • The second level plan featuring shops, offices, banquet rooms, and African Art Exhibits.

  • The third level plan with offices and a small exercise room.

  • Typical food court kitchen.

  • Typical food court kitchen.

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Afrikmall Mixed Use

This mixed-use building is a renovation of the 56,000 sf JC Penney store on Colfax Avenue in downtown Aurora (just east of the Fox Theater). It was intended as a unique experiment in creating a center for African culture for Denver metro area diaspora Africans to share with each other and with other Americans interested in experiencing its unique flavor and energy.

The center was designed to include an interior mall with restaurants and shops, a cultural exhibit and education center, an event center, and office space.

  • Date April 3, 2017
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