• This is a traditional Montana lodge located along a creek near the Big Sky ski area and resort. It has a wrap around deck, stone walls, and a steep roof designed for large snow and seismic loads.

  • The concept sketch approach view.

  • One accesses the home site from a bridge across Beaver Creek. Behind the home is a 100 foot rock cliff.

  • Here you can see the cliff behind the house, which is very close. It adds a special feeling of excitement to being there. We suggested to the owners the idea of subdividing the property, two twenty acre lots that ran north-south, into two twenty acre lots that run east-west. This allowed them to sell off the property above the cliff (with a stipulation that nothing could be built where it could be seen from below). The significant appreciation of that property prior to the sale allowed the owners to get this gorgeous lot for free.

  • Taking advantage of views as well as sunlight is an important part of our design process for mountain homes. Here, the side of the house with the best sun and views is where the deck is larger.

  • You really feel like you're in a national park inside this home, so why even bother with the 40 minute drive to Yellowstone?

  • This lodge is ideal for gatherings with the large entertainment space and wrap around views. You can't see it from this photo, but the view of the cliff from standing at the sink or sitting at the bar is pretty cool.

  • The view of the cliff from inside through a strategically located dormer window.

  • As one comes home in the evening, the warm glow from interior lighting on the wood ceilings is romantic and inviting. Hopefully the folks who were too tired to go adventuring today in this outdoor paradise will have made something good to eat.

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Big Sky Lodge

  • Date April 1, 2017
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