• The same view of the model showing a very detailed model of the rock. This was achieved very economically with a four point 3D laser scan of the rock, which provided the detail necessary to design the house to nestle onto the rock precisely.

  • This aerial view of the model shows the bedroom wing bridging across the entry between the main house and the guest house above the garage. The guest wing has its own stairway and entry.

  • A set of panoramic photo images wrapped around the model allow the view to be studied accurately from the interior spaces (shown here in the early stages of design).

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Mine House 2

This vacation home is designed to sit atop a huge boulder overlooking a mountain valley on a 460 acre property. It is fifteen miles due east of Pikes Peak in Teller County, CO. The forms of the house are derived from mining structures, with the deck cantilevered out from a stone base that grows up out of the rock. The edge of the deck is about 60 feet above the ground below the rock.


  • Date April 2, 2017
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