• This design draws from the imagery of a western mining town. Stone, heavy timber, vertical siding and vertical proportions all borrow from the surrounding buildings.

  • This is the initial concept sketch, hand drawn over a quick computer model.

  • The windows frame dramatic views of surrounding hillsides and follow the mountain ridge lines beyond. The structure is reminiscent of timber trussed mining structures. The stone lintel is a single solid piece of local buff sandstone.

  • A closeup of the trusses show cables for lighting hidden on the top of the bottom chords. The Alder wood ceiling is chosen for its smooth appearance and complementary color to the Douglas Fir of the trusses.

  • The counter top in the master bathroom is honed buff sandstone, the floors are slate, and the cherry cabinets are custom-designed.

    Custom-designed cabinet pulls throughout the house are made from economical, steel structural angles. The width of two door pulls equal one drawer pull so that they align vertically.

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Mining Castle

  • Date April 1, 2017
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